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 We service all residential and commercial roofing needs. We offer several material options, color choices, etc. We stay on top of current roofing systems, technology and application techniques.  We are insured and bonded/registered in most cities in North & East Texas.

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Are YOU taking care of your investment?

-If you DON'T fix your home today, you could sacrifice future claims and coverage. C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) tracks claims history per location.

- Damages Left Unattended become more costly to fix and cause further damage.

- Make an effort to have temporary repairs, so that further damage can not be caused.  Don't make permanent repairs, you insurance may deny claim if they can not see the damages that occurred.  

- Texas House Bill 2102 requires you to pay your deductible, so do not always focus on low premiums (low premiums = high deductibles)

- Do you have Personal Property Coverage?  Other Structure Coverage? Loss of Use Coverage? Flood Coverage?  Know what is covered.

- Tell your insurance as soon as possible about a claim.  Companies have deadlines to file a claim. 

- Texas Law sets deadlines for insurance companies to act after you have filed a claim.  So, do not let your claim expire!



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